Escort of
Valuable Goods

Escort services while transporting money and valuables, ensuring the punctuality of delivery. GUN vehicles are manned by drivers who are capable of driving tactical by upholding the safety factor. The GUN command and control centre will supervise & oversee the entire trip to ensure the security and safety of personnel, money and valuables to their destination.

K9 (Canine)

The Security Dog Team are trained to detect explosives and illegal substances on vehicles, buildings, goods and humans. They aalso come together with experienced handlers and have the capability to direct the K9 team to carry out checking, inspecting & other security conducts.

Fleet Management

Management and monitoring of qualified Drivers and Co-Drivers to operate logistics fleets, such as trucks, lorries, trailers, contain- ers and other vehicles. All scheduling, GPS Monitoring, Surveillance, Response Team and Reporting management can be handled in detail and periodically, and supported by the latest technology.

VIP Emergency Evacuation

Emergency evacuation for VIP individuals or groups from natural disasters - no matter the area of occurence, whether it is by land, water, or air - using safe & desig- nated transportation such as trucks, boats, or helicopters; The vehicles are operated by trained and reliable personnel in handling evacuation from natural disas- ter or any emergency situation.